Characteristics of a Cristo Rey Student

Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School considers a variety of factors during the application process. Our application process allows us to get to know students and their families on a personal level in order to make the best admissions decision for each student. The most important characteristics we are looking for in an incoming freshman:

  • Motivated and mature - Studying AND working as a high school student is not easy, students should show the maturity and motivation to be able to handle both aspects of our curriculum.

  • Open to Catholic religious values - While students do not have to be Catholic to attend, they should be open to a faith based education.

  • Employable - All students participate in the Corporate Work Study Program and must be eligible to work in the US.

  • Earned grades of C or above - Seventh grade and eighth grade grades will be reviewed for admission purposes.

  • Of low to moderate income - Because our mission is to provide an education to students who otherwise could not afford a Catholic high school, we look at family income in the admissions process. Families who do NOT qualify for free or reduced lunch should contact the admissions office prior to applying.

  • Demonstrated strong discipline and attendance record - Seventh and eighth grade discipline and attendance records will be reviewed for admission purposes.

  • Comfortable conversing with adults - Students should be comfortable working with adults in an office environment.