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Decrease Economic Disparities
Your company can help to close the wealth divide in the Trianlge by strengthening the pathway to a college degree. Individuals with a four-year degree earn over $1M more over a lifetime than individuals with a two-year degree! 

Remove Institutional Barriers

Providing students with access to professional networks and experiences often underrepresented in their communities, you can equip our students with the social and technical acumen needed to excel in their careers.


Advance Racial Equity

Your company can be at the forefront of industry efforts to invest in education, uniquely complemented by career and technical training, to move society toward racial equity!

Add Productive, Entry-Level Employees to NC

Through our program, you gain access to a talented pool of students eager to contribute and learn. These students bring fresh perspectives, energy, and a strong work ethic to your organization, serving as valuable entry-level employees.


Cost-Effective Services

By hiring student workers through the Corporate Work Study Program, you can access cost-effective services while ensuring the completion of crucial tasks. Our students are trained and supervised to provide quality work, freeing your lower-level employees to focus on more value-added responsibilities.


Contribute to Workforce Diversity

Embracing diversity in the workplace is crucial for fostering innovation and achieving long-term success. By participating in our program, you actively contribute to workforce diversity, promoting a culture of inclusion and broadening perspectives within your organization.


No Headcount Impact

Hiring students through our program does not impact your organization's headcount. This means you can expand your workforce without affecting your existing employee structure, allowing for the seamless integration of student workers.


Immediate Community Payoff

By partnering with us, you directly benefit your local community. Supporting our students provides an immediate payoff by investing in their education, career development, and future success. Your participation creates a positive ripple effect that uplifts the community.


Foster a Culture of Community Involvement

Participating in our program allows you to develop a culture of community involvement among your employees. By engaging in meaningful work with our students, your team will experience the rewards of mentorship, personal growth, and the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of young individuals.

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