Dean of School Culture

Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is hiring a Dean of School Culture who is committed to transforming the lives of young people through high quality, holistic education. Successful applicants will be caring, justice-oriented, innovative school leaders willing to work tirelessly to ensure all students realize their potential for greatness. The Dean of School Culture is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive culture and climate that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of our students. The Dean of School Culture helps to create and sustain a culture of high expectations and continual support for all teachers and students, as well as promoting and enforcing a school environment that is joyful, caring, and respectful. The Dean of School Culture is a member of the academic leadership team.

Our School

Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is a 9-12 Catholic, Jesuit learning community that

educates young people to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service. Through a

rigorous college preparatory curriculum, integrated with a professional work study experience, students graduate ready to succeed in college and in life. Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is part of the largest network of high schools in the country that exclusively support underserved youth. Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is scheduled to welcome freshmen to its campus in the summer of 2021. Classes for sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be added one year at a time towards a full capacity of 400 students by fall of 2024.

Primary Responsibilities

Instructional Leadership

  • Visit classrooms to observe teaching and learning and provide feedback and formation to teachers, with a specific focus on student engagement and the establishment of a classroom culture that combines high expectations with student-centered learning

  • Maintain a school culture where diversity is encouraged, where professionalism is practiced, and where students learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise integrity and leadership

  • Design, implement, and sustain a culture of high expectations, achievement, and support for and among students, by helping teachers build supportive classroom environments and by coordinating student support efforts

Student Behavioral Support

  • Develop and implement restorative practices to promote positive student behavior as well as intervention strategies that promote a culture of success and reduce student attrition

  • Develop and implement family engagement initiatives to promote parent involvement at school and to support parent development, as it pertains to student academic success and character formation

  • Develop systems and structures to limit the time spent on reactive student discipline through ensuring consistent implementation of research-based best practices in supporting high levels of student engagement, belonging, and success in classrooms

  • Improve and implement the school’s discipline system and other structures necessary to promote student achievement and character development both inside and outside the classroom

  • Maintain accurate discipline and behavior records, including producing contracts with students and parents and sharing weekly student discipline reports with the Principal

  • Establish and maintain strong culture of engagement, trust, and support with students, faculty, and parents/families through ongoing, proactive communication

  • In conjunction with the CWSP Director and the Principal, coordinate the school’s dress code and its implementation

  • Supervise the administration of the discipline policies of the school. Administer appropriate consequences for behavior

Leadership and Collaboration

  • In collaboration with the Principal, plan and deliver Professional Development for teachers related to Domains 2 and 3 of the Danielson Framework

  • Assist the Principal with hiring, training, and retaining excellent teachers.

  • Serve as a member of the Academic Leadership Team

  • Serve as a member of the Student Success Team to identify and support students who are struggling academically, behaviorally, or emotionally

  • Manage parts of the daily school operations (arrival/dismissal, lunch, school trips, extra-curricular school activities, and school events)

  • Support student recruitment, enrollment and retention activities as needed

  • Understand and appreciate the developmental and educational benefits of the school’s Corporate Work-Study Program. Coordinate with work-study team to comprehensively address student needs in the classroom and at the worksite

Campus Life

  • Organize student activities, including extracurricular clubs and programs and athletics, including overseeing the scheduling of all meetings, games, and practices; training, coaching, and supervising club sponsors and coaches; and managing budgets for related programs

  • Develop and implement safety drills and routines with the Principal that are known, practiced, and implemented to ensure student safety

Learning and Development

  • Leverage available resources from the CR Network, colleagues, and external sources to continually reflect on and improve your practice

  • Participate in the school’s professional learning community, collaborating with colleagues to analyze student development and teaching practice

  • Help to create a reflective learning organization for both students and adults. Serve as a catalyst for improvement in your own work and school-wide

  • Be willing to assume the role of the Principal in the absence of the Principal


  • A bachelor's degree in education, or a related field

  • A strong work ethic and dedication to the Cristo Rey mission and values: Faith and Justice, Respect and Care, Responsibility and Commitment

  • Demonstrated ability to inspire, lead and work collegially with faculty and staff

  • Strong commitment and ability to connect with low-income, urban, minority students and their families

  • Experience analyzing and utilizing multiple sources of data to increase student achievement

  • Demonstrated success as an instructional leader in creating high-expectation, supportive classroom environments

  • Ability to build strong relationships, collaborate, and cultivate a loving, joyful school culture

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills


  • Master's Degree in School Administration, Curriculum and Instruction or a related field

  • Prior successful high school leadership experience with traditionally underserved students

  • Bilingual in Spanish and English, preferred

  • Experience supporting students in need of significant academic support

  • Experience working with English language learners


If you are interested in joining the founding team of educators charged with building this exciting educational option for underserved youth, please submit the following documents to Principal Dr. Neil Cronin at

  • A resume, which includes all teaching and leadership experiences, certifications, and degrees held

  • A cover letter that outlines your approach to creating a positive school culture, explains you wish to join Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School, and describes how your previous experiences have prepared you for this challenging and rewarding role

  • Three professional references with email addresses and phone numbers.