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Cristo Rey Research Triangle President's Message

President Dr. Neil Cronin


Welcome to Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School. My name is Dr. Neil Cronin, and I am the President of the newest private, Catholic, Jesuit, and transformational college and professional career preparatory high school in the Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill area. 


Founded in 2021 as the 37th of now 39 Cristo Rey High Schools nationwide, we are building a pathway of success for students and families in North Carolina from high school to and through college into a career. The 38 Cristo Rey Network schools currently serve over 12,000 students nationwide in high school, with over 3,500 corporate partners and over 25,000 graduates.


Collectively, our graduates graduate from college at 3xs the rate of their peers! 


I invite you to come to grow with us. Currently, we serve students in grades nine and ten and are adding one grade each year when the Class of 2025 graduates. We will then add our Alumni Counseling team, who will support the graduates through college and into their careers. In addition, we are growing and strengthening our extra-curricular activities where you can develop your skills in athletics, arts, and your relationship with God.


If you are a student seeking a pathway to a successful future and willing to put in the effort, we would love to welcome you to our campus. 


If you are a company looking to get a head start on developing your future workforce today, we have a national corporate work-study model that works. 


If you are an adult looking for a great place to volunteer or work, there is no more challenging AND rewarding mission.


The future is bright for the Triangle, and we look forward to accelerating the shine!



In peace,

President Dr. Neil Cronin

President Dr. Neil Cronin

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