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Message from the Director of Corporate Work Study

 Dear Future Students, Families, and Corporate Partners,

Cristo Rey was founded on the premise that families of limited economic means deserve the same opportunities as their economically-advantaged peers. Education at Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School occurs both in the classroom and in corporate offices throughout the Triangle, with an emphasis on downtown Durham. We steadfastly focus on serving students of limited economic means who would not otherwise have access to a private, college preparatory high school education. By matching business interests with the educational and economic needs of our students, we offer them a path to overcome the financial barriers that limit their educational and professional opportunities.

Our school’s unique Corporate Work Study Program is our signature and differentiating component. Through our students working five days a month they not only fund the majority of their cost of education, but their jobs also seed confidence as they gain invaluable business skills through real world work experience. Our students job-share in teams of four where they excel in a real, white-collar, entry-level job for one of our community partners. Our corporate and non-profit organization partners are committed to enriching the lives of our students by serving as coaches, mentors, and educators. They directly invest in our students’ future as they lead, transform, and empower the next generation of business leaders. Our academic courses are scheduled in such a way that our students never miss a class even though they work a fulltime day each week. The Cristo Rey program provides our students with marketable skills, a network of business contacts, and exposure to a wide range of career opportunities.

How widespread is our support and what are our results? We partner with more than 1,700 business across the Cristo Rey network. Through hard work and passionate support, our student worker stats are impressive:

- 99% High School Graduation Rate

- 90% Four-Year College Enrollment

- 97% Average Daily Work Attendance

- 96% Meet or Exceed Expectations in the Workplace

Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is not only in the hearts and minds of Triangle businesses, we are the school that WORKS in the heart of Durham.

It is my extreme honor to serve as the Director of Corporate Work Study Program at Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School. When you are ready to partner with us, please contact me directly.

Join us in transforming the lives of Durham youth, one student at a time.


Roger Reed
Director of Corporate Work Study
(984) 999-2143