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Add Productive, Entry-Level Employees to NC:
Through our program, you gain access to a talented pool of students eager to contribute and learn. These students bring fresh perspectives, energy, and a strong work ethic to your organization, serving as valuable entry-level employees.

Cost-Effective Services:
By hiring student workers through the Corporate Work Study Program, you can access cost-effective services while ensuring the completion of crucial tasks. Our students are trained and supervised to provide quality work, freeing your lower-level employees to focus on more value-added responsibilities.

Contribute to Workforce Diversity:
Embracing diversity in the workplace is crucial for fostering innovation and achieving long-term success. By participating in our program, you actively contribute to workforce diversity, promoting a culture of inclusion and broadening perspectives within your organization.
No Headcount Impact:
Hiring students through our program does not impact your organization's headcount. This means you can expand your workforce without affecting your existing employee structure, allowing for the seamless integration of student workers.

Immediate Community Payoff:
By partnering with us, you directly benefit your local community. Supporting our students provides an immediate payoff by investing in their education, career development, and future success. Your participation creates a positive ripple effect that uplifts the community.

Foster a Culture of Community Involvement:
Participating in our program allows you to develop a culture of community involvement among your employees. By engaging in meaningful work with our students, your team will experience the rewards of mentorship, personal growth, and the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of young individuals.
1. What is a Corporate Partner? 

A corporate partner is a local business or organization that provides work-study jobs to students as part of the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program. 


You should consider becoming a corporate partner if your company: 

  • Has an annual revenue of at least $100,000. 
  • Is a for-profit business or organization. 
  • Has at least one full-time employee. 


2. How Does the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program Work? 

The Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program allows students to work at local businesses and organizations one day a week during the school year. This work-study program provides students with valuable work experience and allows them to earn part of their tuition. 

3. What are the Costs of Participation?

The average cost of becoming a corporate partner for a full team is $36K per year.

This fee goes toward funding programs at Cristo Rey, including teachers' salaries and student supplies. The Cristo Rey Research Triangle Corporate Work Study Program is an employee leasing agent. The students are employees of the program, not the corporate partner. In addition, the Corporate Word Study Program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9 compliance, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, FUTA, and other employee concerns for the students. The Cristo Rey Research Triangle Corporate Work Study Program complies with all Department of Labor regulations.

4. What types of businesses and organizations can become corporate partners? 

Any business or organization needing entry-level employees can become a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools. Partners range from law firms and hospitals to banks and construction companies. 

5. How do I become a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools? 

To become a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools, you can fill out this form. A representative from the network will then contact you to discuss partnership opportunities. 

6. How much does becoming a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools cost? 

Becoming a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools is free. Instead, the program offers an affordable way for businesses to access talented young professionals and support the education of low-income students. 

7. What is the time commitment for being a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools? 

The time commitment for being a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools is one day a week during the school year. Each student works one day a week at the partner organization, allowing for flexibility and minimal disruption to the organization's workflow. 


8. What kind of training or support is provided? 

Cristo Rey Network Schools provides training and support for corporate partners throughout the partnership process. This includes training on how to work with students and ongoing support from the school's staff. 


This support includes: 

  1. Orientation to the program, an overview of the school, its mission, and goals, as well as information about what it means to be a Corporate Work Partner (CWP). 
  2. A one-on-one interview with your assigned CWP coordinator will help you determine if this opportunity is right for you and your company. 
  3. Training on how best to participate in our schools' activities or sponsoring an event like our annual golf tournament.
9. How many students will my business work with as a corporate partner? 

The number of students that a business works with as a corporate partner varies based on the organization's needs and capacity. However, most partners typically work with between one and five students. 


10. What impact will my business have as a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools? 

As a corporate partner with Cristo Rey Network Schools, your business will significantly impact the education and professional development of low-income students in your community. By providing work-study jobs, you will help students gain valuable work experience, earn part of their tuition, and develop important professional skills. Additionally, your partnership will help to support the mission of Cristo Rey Network Schools, which is to transform urban education and empower the next generation of leaders.

Together, we can unlock opportunities, inspire young minds,
and build a stronger, more inclusive community!