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At Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and athletically. Our dedicated coaches and comprehensive sports programs provide students with invaluable opportunities to learn the importance of teamwork, commitment, discipline, and school pride.
We welcome all students who are eager to participate in our athletics programs. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or trying a sport for the first time, there's a place for you on our teams. Discover the thrill of representing Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School and wearing our colors with pride.
At Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School, our commitment to academics, character development, and athletic excellence goes hand in hand. Join us on this incredible journey of growth, teamwork, and personal achievement through our vibrant athletics programs.

We are thrilled to kick off the season on a winning note, and it's not just one but two incredible victories that fill our hearts with pride!


Cross Country Triumph: At the Discovery Charter Cross Country meet held on September 11th, our team displayed unmatched determination and skill. We are ecstatic to announce that Oscar Hernandez led the charge, claiming the first-place victory in the grueling 3.25-mile race with an outstanding time of 27:04. This remarkable achievement marks a milestone for Coach Paige, a UNC alumnus and our head coach, as it's the first time one of our runners has secured the top spot under her guidance. Davey Ledesma also showcased his incredible talent, finishing in a commendable third place with a time of 28:25, followed closely by Logan Talbot, who secured the fourth position with a time of 29:35. Kudos to our cross-country warriors for an exceptional start to the season!


Varsity Boy's Soccer Shines Bright: Our varsity boy's soccer team showcased their strength, unity, and skill in their first win of the season against Neuse Christian Academy. The Bulls charged ahead, leading 2-1 at halftime, and their unwavering defense sealed the deal with a final score of 4-1. Christian Gill, our remarkable goalkeeper, made eight incredible saves and even chipped in with an assist. AB Carbajal scored a goal and assisted his teammates, while Homero Lopez-Vacio added his magic touch with an assist in the second half. However, the true star of the game was Giovanni Aguirre-Alvarez, who notched an incredible three goals and added one assist to his name. Hats off to our soccer stars for a stellar performance!


Upcoming Match: Our Bulls are on fire, and they're ready to continue their winning streak. The next game is against Durham Charter, scheduled for this Thursday at 4:00 p.m., and will be hosted at 400 E Woodcroft Parkway. Let's show up in full force to support our talented team as they aim for another victory!


CRRT vs. NCA Stats  For those keeping track of the statistics, here's a quick rundown:


  • AB Carbajal: 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Christian Gill: 8 saves, 1 assist
  • Homero Lopez-Vacio: 1 assist
  • Giovanni Aguirre-Alvarez: 3 goals, 1 assist


A big round of applause for our dedicated athletes who continue to make us proud with their exceptional talent and unwavering spirit. These are also the first two victories for our incredible Athletic Director, Kemionne Feely! 

Middle - Amber’Lee Ouattara - #7
Amy Flores - #16 - Middle/OH
Ariyana Liles - #2 - DS
Imani Washington - #17 - Middle
Jaschelle Baines - #14 - Serving Specialist
Kaliyah Bruce - #21 - OH/DS
Chanel Evans - #1 - Outside Hitter
Lorelyn Frausto - #6 - DS 
Michelle Amador - #10 - Setter
Naincy Arias-Yanez - #4 - Setter 
Natayia Hurst - #3 - Setter/DS 
Taliyah Williams - #5 - Serving Specialist 
Abril Carrera - #15
Amy Vasquez-Roblero - #7
Amy Flores - #26
Andrea Castro  - #16
Angie Martinez - #9
Belinda Diaz - #13
Beyonce Morales - #17
Brenda Bustamante  - #2
Cecilla Gonzalez - #3
Denise Rodriguez - #14
Emily Lopez - #8
Kelly Villanueva - #22
Lorelyn Frausto - #18
Lucero Ramirez - #20
Maria Aguirre - #10 
Mel Portillo - #5
Michelle Amador - #6
Sophia Ramos - #11
Star Pineda - #4
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Gonzales - #20 - Left mid
Bryan Solar-Cruz - #17 - RB,CB
Christian Gill - #19 - left/right wing (C)
David Duran - #10 - LW, ST, RW, CAM
Giovanni Aguirre - #1 - Goalkeeper
Greyban Benitez - #4 - Lb
Homero Lopez - #8 - CDM / ST (C)
Immanuel Holland - #24 - CB (C)
Jamal West - Manager
Kevin Colmenares - #12 - LW / Mid field
Khamauri Evans - #14 - CB, RB, LB,
Marlon Ramírez
Marlon Murillo - #5 - LB
Max Hernandez - #6 - LM / CB
Sam Benavides - #3 - Defense CB (C)
Sergio Arenas - #21 - LM, CM, CDM, RM
Tide Fashuyi - #7 - LW/CAM
Tyrese Johnson - #13 - RM, OR, RB
William Medina - #12 - LW/RW
Yandel Garcia - #18 - Striker / CDM
AB Carbajal
Christian Gill - #1
Henry Matute
Immanuel Holland - #24
Isau Ibar
Jamaal Miller - #5 - G/F
Sam Benavides
Tyrese Johnson
Xzavier Edwards
Zion Dix
Ariyana Liles
Imani Washington - #11
Kaliyah Bruce
Londynn Campbell - #21
Natayia Hurst - #5 - Pg/Sg
Ny’Kiaria Foushee
S’nya Brown - #2
Taliyah Williams - #15
Yari Fortune - #7
Davey Ledesma
Isau Ibar
Jamaal Miller
Jameel West
Jordyn Harris
Kaleb Nelson
Logan Talbot
Mia George
Oscar Hernandez Lopez
Paola/ Ollie Cruz
S’nya Brown
Xzavier Edwards
Zion Dix
Character Development and Sportsmanship:
We prioritize the holistic development of our student-athletes. Our coaches focus on enhancing athletic skills, instilling core values, and fostering positive sportsmanship. We believe that athletics serves as a powerful platform for character formation, teaching our students valuable life lessons that will shape their success in adulthood.
Balancing Competition and Skill Development:
While we aim to field competitive teams, our primary objective is to help our student-athletes acquire essential skills and values that go beyond the field or court. Our sports programs emphasize personal growth, self-discipline, and perseverance. We create an environment where athletes can challenge themselves, improve their abilities, and build a strong foundation for their future endeavors.
Together, we aim for greatness on and off the field!