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Cristo Rey RT Varsity Boys Soccer

At Cristo Rey RT, our Varsity Boy's Soccer Team offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their athletic skills, build strong relationships, and foster a sense of camaraderie that lasts a lifetime. We believe in the power of sports to shape character, instill discipline, and teach invaluable life lessons.
Our team is more than just a group of athletes - we are a family united by our passion for soccer and our commitment to excellence. As members of this remarkable team, we strive to embody the core values of respect, determination, and teamwork on and off the field.
We provide a supportive environment where our players can grow and thrive. Our program emphasizes skill development, strategic play, and promoting a winning mindset. Whether you are an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level or a beginner eager to discover the joys of soccer, our team welcomes athletes of all skill levels. Everyone has the potential to contribute and succeed.
Are you ready to unleash your full potential on the soccer field? Sign up today and become part of our family!
Neuse Christian Academy:
Our varsity boy's soccer team showcased their strength, unity, and skill in their first win of the season against Neuse Christian Academy. The Bulls charged ahead, leading 2-1 at halftime, and their unwavering defense sealed the deal with a final score of 4-1. Christian Gill, our remarkable goalkeeper, made eight incredible saves and chipped in with an assist. AB Carbajal scored a goal and assisted his teammates, while Homero Lopez-Vacio added his magic touch with an assist in the second half. However, the game's true star was Giovanni Aguirre-Alvarez, who notched an incredible three goals and added one assist to his name. Hats off to our soccer stars for a stellar performance!

CRRT vs. NCA Stats


  • AB Carbajal: 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Christian Gill: 8 saves, 1 assist
  • Homero Lopez-Vacio: 1 assist
  • Giovanni Aguirre-Alvarez: 3 goals, 1 assist
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Gonzales - #20 - Left mid
Bryan Solar-Cruz - #17 - RB,CB
Christian Gill - #19 - left/right wing (C)
David Duran - #10 - LW, ST, RW, CAM
Giovanni Aguirre - #1 - Goalkeeper
Greyban Benitez - #4 - Lb
Homero Lopez - #8 - CDM / ST (C)
Immanuel Holland - #24 - CB (C)
Jamal West - Manager
Kevin Colmenares - #12 - LW / Mid field
Khamauri Evans - #14 - CB, RB, LB,
Marlon Ramírez
Marlon Murillo - #5 - LB
Max Hernandez - #6 - LM / CB
Sam Benavides - #3 - Defense CB (C)
Sergio Arenas - #21 - LM, CM, CDM, RM
Tide Fashuyi - #7 - LW/CAM
Tyrese Johnson - #13 - RM, OR, RB
William Medina - #12 - LW/RW
Yandel Garcia - #18 - Striker / CDM