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At Cristo Rey RT, our Cross Country Team offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their athletic skills, build strong relationships, and foster a sense of camaraderie that lasts a lifetime. We believe in the power of sports to shape character, instill discipline, and teach invaluable life lessons.
Our team is more than just a group of athletes - we are a family united by our passion for running and our commitment to excellence. As members of this remarkable team, we strive to embody the core values of respect, determination, and teamwork on and off the track.
We provide a supportive environment where our players can grow and thrive. Our program emphasizes skill development, strategic play, and promoting a winning mindset. Whether you are an experienced runner looking to take your game to the next level or a beginner eager to discover the joys of running, our team welcomes athletes of all skill levels. Everyone has the potential to contribute and succeed.
Are you ready to unleash your full potential on the track? Sign up today and become part of our family!
Discovery Charter Cross Country Meet:
Our team displayed unmatched determination and skill at the Discovery Charter Cross Country meet held on September 11th. We are ecstatic to announce that Oscar Hernandez led the charge, claiming the first-place victory in the grueling 3.25-mile race with an outstanding time of 27:04.
This remarkable achievement marks a milestone for Coach Paige, a UNC alumnus and our head coach, as it's the first time one of our runners has secured the top spot under her guidance. Davey Ledesma also showcased his incredible talent, finishing in a commendable third place with a time of 28:25, followed closely by Logan Talbot, who secured the fourth position at 29:35.
Kudos to our cross-country warriors for an exceptional start to the season!
Davey Ledesma
Isau Ibar
Jamaal Miller
Jameel West
Jordyn Harris
Kaleb Nelson
Logan Talbot
Mia George
Oscar Hernandez Lopez
Paola/ Ollie Cruz
S’nya Brown
Xzavier Edwards
Zion Dix