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Faculty & Staff


Adam, Elizabeth - Founding Religion Instructor & Campus Minister
[email protected]

St. John's University - B.A.

Providence College - M.Ed.

Anglum, Jenny – Social Studies Instructor
[email protected]
University of Richmond - B.A.

Bass, Valencia – Corporate Work Study Coordinator
[email protected]
University of North Carolina at Greensboro - B.S. 
Grand Canyon University - M.A.

Cronin, Neil - Principal
Penn State - D.Ed. 

Delgado, Diana - Admissions Assistant

[email protected]

Inter American University of PR - B.A.

Dembowski, Rosalie – Founding English Instructor and Instructional Coach
[email protected]
Washington College - B.A.
University of San Diego - M.A 

Dziabis, Maxwell - Theology Instructor
[email protected]
Loyola University Chicago - B.A.
Loyola University Chicago - M.A.

Eberlin, David – Social Studies Instructor
[email protected]
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – B.A.

Glenn, Mike - Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Catawba College – B.A.
Ashford University – M.Ed.

Halverson, Jared - Computer Science/Business Writing Instructor

[email protected]
Goucher College - BA

James, Rosender - Cafeteria Manager & Bus Driver

Matthews, Keianna – College Counselor
[email protected]

Xavier University - B.S.
Xavier University - M.Ed

McDonald, David - Math Instructor

McPherson, James – CFO
[email protected]
Johns Hopkins University – B.A.
University de Lausanne – Fulbright Fellow
Duke University – M.B.A.

Mills-Thomason, Mary Margaret – English Instructor
[email protected]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – B.A.
Duke University – M.A.T.

Reed, Roger - Corporate Work Study Director
Spahr, Derek - Director of Advancement

Volpe, Jaclyn – Founding Math Instructor
[email protected]

Duke University - B.S. in mathematics
Harvard University - Ed.M.

Truncale, Morgan - Marketing & Communications Manager
[email protected]

Stockton University - B.A.

American University - M.A.