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Cristo Rey Research Triangle - Being Jesuit

Cristo Rey RT High School is an esteemed institution that is part of the rich legacy of Jesuit education in the United States. As one of the 14 Cristo Rey schools among the more than sixty-eight Jesuit high schools in the country, we proudly carry forward a tradition that spans over 450 years.


Our connection to the Society of Jesus, rooted in the founding of the Jesuit college in Messina, Sicily, in 1548, is a fundamental aspect of our identity. This enduring tradition extends far beyond our walls, encompassing a vast network of schools worldwide, including middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and the Fey y Alegría schools.


At Cristo Rey RT High School, we embrace the values and principles that define Jesuit education—a commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and service to others. Understanding the heritage and mission of the Society of Jesus offers valuable insights into the essence of who we are as a community.


We take pride in being an inclusive institution that welcomes students of all faith backgrounds. While rooted in the Jesuit tradition, we celebrate diversity and provide a nurturing environment where students from various religious affiliations can flourish academically, spiritually, and personally.


Discover the transformative power of a Jesuit education and join us on a journey of learning, compassion, and achievement, regardless of your faith. Learn More About CRRT!


Welcome to our vibrant and inclusive community!


This year’s Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School 9th Grade Ignatian Retreat provided a unique opportunity for students to engage in activities that encouraged spiritual growth and self-reflection. This practice of self-reflection and prayer allowed students to deepen their connection to God and nurture their spiritual lives.

The retreat letter-writing session provided students with a space to reflect on their past, present, and future selves. By writing letters to their future selves, students could set goals for their personal and spiritual growth and reflect on how their faith and values will guide them in their journey. 

“Many students expressed feeling a deeper connection to God during the retreat, especially during the Examen and letter-writing sessions in the chapel.”
— Teacher, Elizabeth Adam
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