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Cristo Rey RT Tie Ceremony

At Cristo Rey RT High School, we believe that a uniform plays a significant role in fostering a sense of unity, respect, and pride within our student body. Our uniform policy not only reflects our values but also reinforces the principles of respect and care, commitment and responsibility, faith and justice that are the foundation of our school community.
The Tie Ceremony:
Our Tie Ceremony, held at the closing of our BCBI training, is a momentous occasion where students proudly wear their new ties. As classmates are announced, the atmosphere is filled with applause and celebration, symbolizing the unity and camaraderie that our uniforms represent. It is a powerful reminder that we are all part of this prestigious Cristo Rey network, something greater than ourselves.
Representing Cristo Rey:
Each student at Cristo Rey RT is required to wear a uniform that includes a tie meticulously designed with colors that represent Cristo Rey. This tie serves as a visual representation of our school community and the values we hold dear. It symbolizes our commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and service to others.
Reflecting Our Values:
Our student uniform is more than just an outfit. It is an embodiment of our core values and a constant reminder of the principles we strive to uphold. By wearing a uniform, our students exhibit their respect for themselves, their peers, and the wider community. It creates an atmosphere of inclusivity, where everyone is treated with dignity and equality.
Building Community:
The uniform policy at Cristo Rey RT High School plays a vital role in building a strong and supportive community. It fosters a sense of belonging, erases socioeconomic barriers, and encourages students to focus on character development rather than outward appearances. It unifies our diverse student body and emphasizes the importance of character, integrity, and academic success.